We take bicycle sizing and fitting very seriously at Rocktown. Few things impact the experience of a ride more than how your bike fits you! Sizing and fitting are two different things, and of course, not everyone defines a fit the same.

How we define "Size" and "Fit":

Sizing is something we do every day at the shop. Bicycles come in more sizes with different fits than ever to accommodate the wide variety of rides and riders. Getting the properly sized bike, and one that suits your needs, is what every customer who purchases a bike at Rocktown gets; it’s the best way to start your new bike experience.


Fit is a far more custom experience. I often hear from customers who say they have been fit. Their experiences are extremely variable. We offer a few levels of Fit, all backed by science. You get the same experience in a Fit that the riders on Protour teams go through before their season begins. Whether you’re a casual rider or a serious racer, our Fit has you covered and is totally unique to YOU.

The Background:

I went to Specialized to become certified in Body Geometry Fit; not to just learn Fit, but to grasp the science behind it, too. It’s important to know the ‘why’ as opposed to just going by some numbers because ‘they seem right’. We are fortunate to work with Specialized and the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, along with Dr. Andy Pruitt, to achieve the best fit possible for every individual

More data is also helpful. Wind tunnel data, tire rolling resistance, and other factors can add up to a significantly faster and more comfortable ride.



What's Included:

  • Shoe Sizing: $40 (Includes $30 BG footbeds).
    • Proper cleat placement (rotation and fore/aft).
    • Foot length and width measurement using Brannock device.
    • Arch height measurement using Archometer.
    • Explanation of footbed functionality and trying different contours for individual rider needs.
    • If you are purchasing a pair of shoes with us, the shoe sizing process is included in the cost of the new shoes
  • Basic Fitting: $95 (Included with a new bike purchase of $1,150 or greater) Time: 30-45 minutes

    • Setting proper saddle height and offset using a goniometer and plumb bob

    • Discussion of fit basics and philosophy of fit, as well as reach adjustment as needed using Fit stem.

    • Proper saddle sizing using Retul Saddle Width Measuring Tool (saddle credit with bike purchase towards a different saddle if needed).


  • Body Geometry Fit $200 ($150 with a bike purchase, also pro rated from the Basic Fitting) Time 2.5 hours*

    • Body Geometry Fit is a process that includes a full assessment of the rider and then an in depth fit. This includes detailed foot/knee/hip alignment, leg length discrepancy analysis, optimizing comfort, efficiency, and power to each individual rider. A detailed Fit report with before and after images and fit numbers gives you a whole look at your fit, from start to finish. The report can also be used to match your fit to other bikes you may own.

  • 10% off of any parts that you may end up with during the fit.


*A follow up is also included with the Body Geometry Fit to make any further small adjustments that the rider may need or want.  (Follow up is good for 6 months from fit).