Closed for the Spring & Summer Season

The Rocktown Cycle Studio is closing down for the Spring/Summer Season. Keep an eye out for reopening in October, 2016!

For those interested, power testing, and classes by appointment may still be scheduled. Please just call the shop (540-689-0070), or email Adam ( or Kelly ( to set your ride up.


Rocktown Cycle Studio offers several different types of workouts to increase your fitness in all aspects... endurance, speed, max effort, etc.

Our software allows us to set riders at a personalized effort level to keep up fitness and take you to that next level.

Mixed Intervals

Tuesdays 5:30pm

Fridays 11:00am

This class will consist of many different interval workouts to include: Over/Unders, Steady State, Power, and Tempo. These workouts are great for boosting metabolism and increasing fitness. Keep in mind that individual fitness will proportionately increase or decrease the difficulty of the workout.

Sustained Effort

Wednesdays 6:30am

Sustained effort (or power) is improved by increasing one's ability to hold the same output for a longer duration. This class will focus on steady efforts around lactate threshold.  These will improve long climbing and time trialing ability.

Aerobic Endurance

Wednesdays 9:00am (Women's Specific Class)

Thursdays 5:30pm

Saturdays 8:00am

This class will feel like a valley ride over rolling terrain. We will keep the heart rate elevated as we spin up and then recover over terrain at moderate (below threshold) intensity. These base miles are the base of your fitness. They will increase overall strength and compliment the gains from interval and power workouts.