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Willow Run

8.95 miles
557ft elevation
No Gravel

Layman Trestle

10.1 miles
729ft elevation
No gravel

Silver Lake Loop

11.2 miles
635ft elevation
No gravel

amberly willow.PNG


13.6 miles
759ft elevation
No gravel

Dry River Out & Back, starting from Bridgewater

14.26 miles
287ft elevation
No gravel

Just a Quick Loop from Town

15.1 miles
1,015ft elevation
No Gravel



17.2 miles
1,082ft elevation
No gravel

Mole Hill

18.3 miles
1,081ft elevation
No Gravel

Green Hill

19.7 miles
1,548ft elevation
No gravel

Typical morning ride.PNG

Kelly’s Typical Morning Ride

23.5 miles
1,758ft elevation
Some gravel

Oak Shade.PNG

Oak Shade

24.3 miles
1,793ft elevation
No gravel

Hopkins/Mt Clinton

26.8 miles
2,079ft elevation

North of town with some gravel rollers

29.2 miles
1,925ft elevation
Gravel, yes

Classic Thursday Night Ride

29.8 miles
2,265ft elevation

Harris Roubaix 2018.JPG

2018 Harris-Roubaix Loop

We REALLY enjoyed this loop and think you will, too!
32.1 miles
2,817ft elevation
Lots of fun gravel!

Thursday Night Ride Extended

33.6 miles
2,465ft elevation

Tide Spring

33.9 miles
2,801ft elevation
Tide Spring is a beautiful, secluded gravel road (one of Kelly’s favorites)
Some gravel throughout the loop