Riding over a hundred miles means you are definitely in for an adventure! We are lucking to live in an area with almost a limitless amount of adventures! These are all rides that have been completed by some of our locals, so ask us all of your questions when planning your bike ride!

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Goshen Pass

  • 130.7miles
  • 6,992ft elevation
  • Has some gravel, but nothing extreme

Alpine Loop Gran Fondo

  • 106.7miles
  • 11,359ft elevation
  • This route contains the "Dark Side of Reddish Climb" - a climb known for it's technical gravel, so make sure you have plenty of fuel and flat repair gear!
  • Visit the event website! http://alpineloopgranfondo.com/

Wild and Wonderhard

  • 106.4miles
  • 11,085ft elevation

Massanutten Gran Fondo

  • 121.3miles
  • 12,341ft elevation
  • Has decent amount of gravel

Chris' Highland County Gran Fondo Loop

  • 103.4miles
  • 12,905ft elevation

Awesome climbs, dirt/gravel roads, beautiful area