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Some of my favorite routes.PNG

Some of our Favorite Roads

37.3 miles
3,2082ft elevation
This route includes some gravel.

Towards Stokesville

46.1 miles
2,601ft elevation
No Gravel

Hopkins Gap & Turleytown

46.5 miles
3,193ft elevation
No gravel

good couple of hours.PNG

Good Couple of Hours

54.7 miles
3,706ft elevation
Some gravel included.

Augusta Triangle

56.3 miles
3,353ft elevation
Some gravel

Augusta triangle no gravel.PNG

Augusta Triangle, No Gravel

57.1 miles
3,194ft elevation

Reddish Knob

58.5 miles
5,099ft elevation
No gravel, but be careful of the potholes and traffic on the descent of Reddish, it’s a narrow mountain road.

Reunion Bakery No Gravel.PNG

60.8 miles
3982ft elevation
No Gravel
I have this route taking riders to one of my favorite local bakeries. They serve amazing coffee also!
(Reunion is closed Mondays and Tuesdays)

Supinlick short.PNG

Orkney Springs “Short” & Supinlick Ridge

66.0 miles
5587ft elevation
Gravel, Supinlick Ridge is awesome!

Stokesville & Staunton.PNG

Stokesville & Staunton

67.6 Miles
4,545ft elevation
No Gravel

Augusta County Classic

64.8 miles
4,173ft elevation
Includes gravel, great times!

Staunton Coffee Shop Ride

65.7 miles
3,878ft elevation
There is some gravel, but it’s fun!