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Some of Our Favorite Roads

  • 37.3mi

  • 3,082ft elevation

  • This route includes gravel!

Gravel Playtime

  • 40.0mi

  • 3,139ft elevation

  • Lots of gravel roads on this route. Some of our favorites :)

Hopkin's Gap/Turleytown

  • 46.5mi

  • 3,193ft elevation

Towards Stokesville

  • 46.1miles

  • 2,601ft elevation

Reddish Knob

  • 52.8mi

  • 4,489ft elevation

Augusta County

  • 64.8mi

  • 4,173ft elevation

This loop includes some gravel. Great times!

Staunton Coffee Shop Ride

  • 65.7mi

  • 3,878ft elevation

  • The By & By is a favorite ride destination for many cyclists in the area; they also have a beer garden!

  • There is some gravel, but it's fun!

Augusta Triangle


3,353ft elevation