Ken's Loop - Tilghman

Tilghman Rd is one of Ken's favorites. It's swoopy and lots of fun, and puts you down in Stokesville, where a lot of our mountain biking in the area also takes place. He enjoys the gravel roads heading out to Tilghman a lot as well - they can be flat and fast if you're in the mood to test your internal motor. The store in Stokesville, just after Tilghman ends, is a great spot to refuel and chat with locals.

Features on this ride:

  • The Stokesville Market & Supply sits around mile 28 of this ride.
  • Before turning left onto N River Rd, head onto the old bridge on Stokesville Rd to check out the beautiful creek running under it!
  • Stokesville is the home of the Stokesville Lodge and Shenandoah Mtn Touring (the presenter of the Shenandoah Mtn 100).
    • SMT puts on a wide variety of great events every year, you can check them out HERE

Notes on this ride:

  • The gravel can be a bit more technical on this ride. 
    • For example, Fulton School Rd has some tight turns and some sections of deeper gravel that you have to prepare for.
    • Don't let that term "technical" keep you from trying the route out, though. It basically implies having a little extra caution, which is how most riders would be on less smooth pavement with tight turns, anyway.
    • Check out the GCN video on our Gravel Tips page for any more clarification on bike handling 

Mileage: 52.4miles

Elevation: 2,766ft

Click the image of the map for the downloadable route and printable cure sheet

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