Chris' Loop - NW of Town

This is Chris's go-to loop, especially for morning rides. The gravel on it is not too technical (cinders rather than large grade rocks).

The route is at the bottom of the page for download or printing.

Tide Spring Rd

Features of this ride:

  • Climbing

  • Beautiful and varying landscapes

  • A small tour of Singers' Glen

  • Tide Spring Rd - there is a tide spring that runs next to this road. Only a handful of Tide Springs exist in the world, and we have one just outside of the city.

  • Just before arriving in Singers' Glen, you'll find a Christmas Tree farm on your right after climbing Kieffer Rd, with a nice view of the mountains.

Notes to keep in mind on this route:

  • Keep an eye out for the friendly (slightly blind) orange-ish dog on Thompson Rd after crossing Sky Rd. He likes to "say hi" to cyclists that come by, but it might seem like he's trying to chase you at first. He barks and will run after you, but we have had zero issues with him, even when we are riding slower.

  • There are beautiful chickens around the intersection of Wills Creek Rd and Frog Hollow Rd

  • There are very cute miniature ponies and horses, as well as llamas on Fort Lynne after crossing Greenmount Rd. Feel free to stop and say hi to them, but please, as always, DO NOT FEED the animals, and remember that animals can be unpredictable (don't let them get a chance to bite you).


Click the image of the map to access the downloadable route and printable cue sheet.

Mileage: 31.5miles

Elevation: 2,613ft

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