Kelly's Loop - Orkney Springs

This loop holds a special place in Kelly's heart. It was her first ever longer ride featuring gravel. There were moments where she doubted herself, the combination of steeper climbs and gravel proving to be a new challenge, but she pushed through and now looks forward to any day that allows for her to go on this ride.

Features on this ride:

  • Orkney Springs Hotel, located in Orkney Springs, VA
    • It is a huge historic resort and spa, with its oldest building having been built in 1853. Many of these large old hotels used to exist all over Virginia and West Virginia. They provided a retreat for city folk. Many would use the hotels springs as a means of healing from various maladies or sickness from pollution. Hence the names Orkney Springs, Berkley Springs, Massanetta Springs. A lot of them were burned down (most of these places were made entirely of wood) during the Great Depression for insurance money. So when you do find one, it is a special experience.
  • Kelly's favorite STRAVA segment: The Singers' Glen Super D
    • You'll hit this segment on your way back into town. It begins when you turn onto Frog Hollow Rd from Turleytown. It's gravel that is usually well packed and smooth, allowing you to get just a hair bit on the crazy side if you "wanna go fast"

Notes to keep in mind:

  • At the end of Hopkins Gap Rd, you'll be turning onto RT 259 for a bit. This road is on the busier side, so good lights (taillights and headlights) are highly recommended (yes, even for the daytime).
  • Just like on Chris's Loop, you'll be riding on Thompson Rd as you head out of town. There is a dog on this road (after you cross Sky Rd) that likes to come out, but as far as we know, he is not aggressive. He will bark and may look like he's chasing you, but he's never comes close enough or shown aggressiveness to be a true concern.
  • There is a store in Bayse a little bit after the Orkney Springs Hotel, before you turn left onto Alum Springs Rd, that we definitely recommend you utilizing to grab nutrition. They do take credit cards and are very friendly.

Mileage: 78.3miles

Elevation: 6,162ft

Click the image of the map below to download and/or print the course.

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