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Gravel Vs. Cyclocross... Which One?

Gravel bikes are one of the latest things to become popular in the bike world. I (Kelly) for one am super stoked on all the gravel riding. It's one of my favorite types of road surface to ride. There's also less traffic on gravel roads, so they end up being safer.

When we talk about gravel bikes, we are describing bikes that have a lower bottom bracket, larger tire clearance, and a bit more of an upright geometry. You might be surprised to know that Cyclocross bikes don't actually share too many similarities to today's gravel bikes, except for tire clearance. 'Cross bikes are more aggressive in their geometry and have a higher bottom bracket - these features all aid in the handling that has to happen during a cyclocross race (tight turns, off camber hills, barriers, log jumps, etc.). So if you happen to be someone who has an interest in getting into the gravel scene, don't just assume, or let someone tell you, that a 'cross bike will do the job, and that's that. It might do the job, BUT there might be a better bike for you!

Gravel Bike: Diverge Expert

 Cyclocross Bike: Crux Sport

Cyclocross Bike: Crux Sport

Our Gravel Bikes


The road/touring bike.: Set up with more road geometry than touring geometry, the Sequoia is the versatile bike many bike packers have been dreaming of. It eliminates the need to choose from a dedicated touring rig or a road bike, instead combining the two in a single, genre-shattering bike.


The road bike that can do most anything. The Diverge has up to 42mm tire clearance, endurance road geometry, disc brakes, and on a few models the all-new Future Shock. Whether you are looking for the comfort and fun of bigger tires, or to tackle the gnarliest forest roads out there, the Diverge will make it happen.

Diverge Expert

Diverge Comp

Diverge Pricing: $1,000.00 - $9,000.00

Cosmic Stallion

Cosmic Stallion Pricing: Full build $1,999.00; Frame: $1,250.00

Sequoia Elite

Sequoia Expert

Sequoia Pricing: $1,500.00 - $3,300.00

Gorilla Monsoon

Gorilla Monsoon Pricing: Full build $2,599.00; Frame: $850.00



Roubaix Sagan.JPG

Think of the Ruby and Roubaix as "Performance Gravel Road Bikes." Roads aren't always in prime conditions. There can be bumps, or pot holes, or less than ideal chip seal... These types of surfaces can wear on a cyclist. Until now! The Ruby and Rubaix are the answer to the calling for a smoother, faster, more forgiving performance bike. Gone are the days of sore hands, arms, and shoulders from being bounced around by less than ideal road surfaces. The Ruby and Roubaix utilize the new Future Shock and Specialized's Rider First Geometry to bring your riding to the next level.

Ruby & Roubaix Pricing: $1,900.00 - $11,500.00


$1,200.00 - $2,500.00

The AWOL is equipped with everything you need to hit the road and head out on a great adventure.

2018 AWOL.jpg


$1,400.00 - $7,500.00

We have included the Crux in the gravel bike category because, yes, it does take larger tires, and can be used to handle gravel and rougher roads. It comes down to personal preference and what the rider would like the bike to do for them. Kelly has a Crux over a Diverge specifically because she races cyclocross AND likes to shred gravel. Chris, if he were to pick between a Crux and a Diverge, would go the Diverge route -  he does HUGE rides, with lots of dirt and fire roads, and he does not race cyclocross. How you adventure is up to you, we are here to help!