Bike handling in gravel:

Watch the video to the right, from Global Cycling Network, for great advice on riding dynamic terrain

Equipment that will help your gravel experience be more enjoyable:

  • Burlier Tires
    • Wider is better: 28c volume or up if your bike has the clearance (25c will still be better than 23 if your bike won't allow for the 28c)
    • Some sort of protection (sidewall or complete casing) An example of such a tire is the All Condition with Armadillo Flat Technology
      • We have a multitude of tires available here at the shop that we would be more than happy to discuss with you
  • Flat repair kit on hand during ride
    • Having C02 or small hand pump, a spare tube, a tire lever, and a patch kit will save your ride (or your buddy's) when that annoying flat does occur
    • You can either have all of these items set to go in a saddle bag, or carry them in your jersey pocket

**If all of this bike lingo has you feeling overwhelmed or confused, we are always more than happy to answer your questions!