Pavement Dreams

Bicycles open doors to new places! Even right in your home town, you may end up on a road you never knew existed... All thanks to a bicycle!

Our road bikes will take you to awesome places and on amazing adventures. Whether you are looking for a new hobby, for fitness, an upgrade in gear, to go further distances, or to try out some bike events, we have you covered with finding your perfect bike!


Ruby & Roubaix


Two of our most popular bikes, you will also find these in our Gravel Bikes page. That's because they are quite versatile! Smooth pavement, rough pavement, gravel... whichever flavor you prefer, the Ruby and Roubaix will make it happen.

$1,900.00 - $11,500.00






The performance machine of Specialized Bicycles. Rider First Geometry, years and years of research in the Win Tunnel... climb, descend, and zip along the pavement with the best performance road bike out there.

$1,600.00 - $10,000.00




Rider-First Engineered™ so every size of cyclist has the perfect ride experience.





Commute, ride, race... It's all there with the Allez road bike! We like to think of the Allez as "the best first road bike!"

$750.00 - $1,800.00




When it comes to this bike, aero is everything. The advanced aerodynamics of the Venge provide an advantage that will enhance every ride. We have found this bike to be especially useful for individuals looking to upgrade their triathlon ride scene without having to make the commitment of going full "Tri-bike." 

$2,500.00 - $12,500.00