The Rocktown service area is ready to handle all of your bike's needs. From the basic bicycle repairs, flats, and adjustments, to high end services such as frame surface facing, suspension rebuilds, and wheel building. No matter what your problem is, we are happy to help!

When you bring in your bike, we'll check it over front to back to give you the most accurate estimate possible. - Estimates are free!

Some of our standard services include:

Flat repair - 8.00/wheel Tubes 6.50 - 10.00ea

Wheel True - 10.00/wheel

  • If wheel is very out, labor may be charged based on time

Spoke Replacement - 20.00 Front Wheel - 25.00 Rear Wheel

  • Spoke cost will vary

Standard Tune-Up - 44.95   

  • Check bicycle for damage, adjust gears, brakes, and all bearings. Lubricate cables, chain, and other necessary points. Check torque and pivots on dual suspension bicycles. Inflate the tires and roll on!

Assembly Tune-Up - 64.95   Assembly Tune-Up for Dual Suspension - 74.95

  • The assembly tune-up is a popular option for bikes that never got assembled at a shop, or for bikes that are getting unpacked after being un-assembled. This service entails everything that the standard tune-up covers, plus checking additional points for proper lubrication and adjustment, check torque and pivots on dual suspension bicycles, and minor wheel straightening.

Silver Tune-Up - 90.00

  • In addition to the standard tune-up services, we clean your drive train, true (straighten) wheels, and cable installation labor is covered.

Gold Tune-Up (Overhaul) - 195.00

  • Covers everything in the Silver Tune-Up plus a complete rebuild of the four main bearings (headset, bottom bracket, and wheels.) Labor for any service parts or accessories is covered in this all inclusive overhaul. Gets your bike running like a new rig again!

Suspension/Fork Rebuilds - 30.00 - 150.00

  • Suspension is one of the most neglected pieces of the modern mountain bike. Most manufacturers recommend service every 30-50 hours, with a major service every 100 hours. This rarely happens in the real world, but you'd be amazed at how much better a fork or shock with fresh oil and seals.
  • On dual suspension bikes the pivots not only make the suspension feel smooth and stable, but also influence how the whole bike feels. Those same pivots are responsible for rear end tracking and pedaling efficiency. 
  • By using quality Factory/aftermarket components and by tuning the suspension for you, we can restore and even improve your suspension! Call or stop by for more info!

Wheel Building - Builds start at 75.00. Call or stop by the shop for more details.

  • Wheels determine how your bicycle rides and performs more than any other aspect of the bike besides the frame. There are many great stock wheels out there, but a custom wheelset is comparable in price and can be custom tailored for a rider's specific needs. Most stock wheels on bicycles are designed with a rider of 190lbs in weight. Whether you want some super strong wheels that will last decades, or light, responsive wheels for your next century ride, we would love to make a wheel that will work best for you!