Tuesday Night Worlds!

The SVBC Tuesday Night Fast Ride is a blast! There are 5 main routes that this ride rotates through weekly. The routes are great, and handy to have if you get turned around or dropped. They're also great to just go out and do on your own! To get the route, click on the image of the map. You will be sent to a page where you can download the course to a cycling computer or print a cue sheet!

Click on the maps to get full ride info and downloads.

Brown's Gap

  • 41.8 miles
  • 2,782ft elevation

Sprinter's Loop

  • 38.4 miles
  • 2,244ft elevation

Roman Rollers

  • 44.7 miles
  • 2,375ft elevation

Hopkins Gap/Turley Town

  • 43.0 miles
  • 3,189ft elevation

Mountain Valley

  • 37.9 miles
  • 2,725ft elevation