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Virginias' Rough Roubaix

Start line address: Harrisonburg, VA22801
Presented by Shenandoah Mountain Touring, LLC

Sunday April 17th, 2016 - Virginias’ Rough Roubaix - Grand Classic, Classic & Semi Classic
The 114 mile Grand Classic route is pending inclement weather

Start Location: Harrisonburg City's Westover Park

Roubaix Start Time: 9:00 AM

Event Day Registration: 8:00 AM

The Rough Roubaix is comprised of choice Shenandoah Valley’s scenic rolling roads, the best National Forest dirt mountain passes and West Virginias flowing river roads. The Grand Classic 114 miles route will only be run if the weather is expected to be 60 degrees in Harrisonburg by noon on event day. The last climb on the route has 6 creek crossings at the base and puts cyclists on a very high and remote section of Shenandoah Mountain that would be beyond treacherous in low temperatures. In the case it isn’t open like in 2015 the long route will be the 90 mile Classic Route. The 90 mile route returns from the magical West Virginia roads over Shenandoah Mountain via Rt. 33 and a relatively low gap of 3,300 ft.

The Rough Roubaix is a masterpiece in the way it pulls riders together into the heart of the challenge before it ramps up very late into the ride and creates the opportunity for an elite rider selection to occur where it delivers a unbelievable crescendo just as it turns back towards Harrisonburg. This group ride dynamic is very enjoyable as it affords the group to ride together into the 1st support station and beyond.

After a nice relaxing roll-out from Harrisonburg to Dayton the routes dodge into the countryside. From Dayton the routes will not cause any selections as it winds down to the Dry River and heads to the base of Shenandoah Mountain at Briery Branch about  20 miles in. Routes will continue to avoid forcing a selection as it traverses south along the base of the front range (Narrowback Mountain) to the first neutral support location at the Stokesville Market. 

At Stokesville the riders enter the George Washington National Forest where the rollers start to get larger and the terrain gets more challenging. At this point the Semi Classic will split from the Grand Classic and Classic route. Semi Classic will roll onto a fantastic 6 mile gravel road that takes you threw some of the most relaxing wooded scenery around. Once back onto pavement riders will be riding back towards Harrisonburg on some of the classic Shenandoah Valley farm land roads.

Okay back to the Grand Classic and Classic routes! Once on Forest Road 95 riders will be slightly climbing to the lowest saddle on Shenandoah Mountain at 3050 feet. This gradual ascent climbs along the North River up past the headwaters of the South Fork of the Shenandoah River and past one of the largest roadless areas on the East Coast. The climb should not prove to be a blow to those who are not climbing specialists with its friendly gravel grade. The transition into West Virginia over the Shenandoah Mountain pass also signifies the entrance in the Potomac River Watershed. The gravel descent off the west side of Shenandoah Mountain is the most forgiving mountain downhill in the region as riders descend 1000 feet on the steeper slopes before the grade mellows and it becomes a thrilling speed run past Brushy Fork Lake and up Surgar Grove Rd for another well timed neutral support location.

After the support location riders will jump back onto route not long after for a super-fast “train ride” to the selective climb up Rough Run for the Grand Classic or up Rt. 33 for the Classic Route. The Rough Run (Grand Classic) ascent has 6 creek crossing that will most likely cause riders to dismount when fording. Once on the true slopes of the climb at mile 80 the selection will be inevitable as there will be no hiding within your team’s strength or among your friends. Once riders peak out at the top of climb there will be a very welcomed support station to catch a breath before making their way off Shenandoah Mountain.

For those who opt for just the Classic Route (90 miles) back over Rt. 33 you won’t be fording any creek crossing but heading more directly back towards Harrisonburg. With a 7 mile climb of over 1800 of ascending you will love the scenic overlook and amazing views off into West Virginia where you were just riding. Once your eyes adjust back from scenic beauty to black pavement, get ready for a kickin’ decent that will get your heart pumpin’ until the bottom. At this point riders will be on their way rolling back to town.

(Grand Classic Finale) At the top Rough Run (Grand Classic) climb riders will top out to one of the most scenic locations in all of Virginia, you will find an oasis of support including a change of socks, shoes, and clothes if you desire to take advantage of our drop bag service. Then you will face the final challenge between you and the finish line, the Big Bear Hollow descent. You might have never believed coming off a mountain as large as this on a shale based surface was possible or enjoyable, but it will be a road bike downhill you will never forget. The real excitement will be realized when you look around as the grades lessen to see who is around to team up with for the finale back into Harrisonburg. The camaraderie that will come from finishing a challenging route like this will last a lifetime.

Expect the Grand Classic route to be 114 miles. Classic route is roughly 90 and Semi Classic 52 miles. Final route selection is based on working around Virginia DOT's spring maintenance gravel resurfacing schedule.

Recommended Tire Selection:

For the Grand Classic we HIGHLY recommend a 28c tire with great side wall protection. Route will see multiple stream crossings as well rocky decents. For Classic and Semi Classic routes we also recommend a 25c+ tire sizes. All routes see their own share of gravel roads and dirt sections. We didn't choose Rough Roubaix for the name because of the smooth roads.

**No Refunds will be issued for this event**

114 Mile Grand Classic Course Garmin GPS Course - HERE
break down with mileage and other points of interest

  • Stokesville Market - Support #1  25 Miles - 1392 feet of climbing
  • Shenandoah Saddle #1 40 Miles - 3220 feet of climbing
  • Brushy Fork - 45 Miles 3240 feet of climbing
  • Brandywine - Support #2 - 60 Miles - 3739 feet of climbing
  • Base of Rough Run - 70 Miles - 4039 climbing
  • Top Shenandoah Mtn - Support #3 - 77 Miles - 5480 climbing - peaking at 3500 ft.
  • Bottom of DH - 83 miles - 5699- 1500 ft. elevation
  • Rt. 33 102 miles - 6227 climbing
  • Mole Hill 108 miles - 6904
  • Finish - 113 miles - 7271

*Data is compiled from National Geographic TOPO Map. Mileage and Total Climbing could vary*

90 Mile Grand Classic Course - Garmin GPS Track HERE 

The 90 mile route climbs a total of 4,500 feet over the entire route that crossing Shenandoah Mountain's lowest gaps twice. After descending Rt. 33 back into Virginia this route takes a glorious path back into Harrisonburg as it rejoins the other courses. Two support stops. 1st stop is shared by all three routes in Stokesville. 2nd stop is same as 114 mile route just before Brandywine on the right at the South Fork Fire Department.

52 Mile Mini Classic Course - Garmin GPS Track HERE

A beautiful route that takes riders on a 7 mile adventure into the George Washington National Forest along the scenic Tillman Road past the base of Reddish Knob before as it sends riders back into the Shenandoah Valley and into Harrisonburg. The route covers 52 miles with an elevation gain of 2,500 ft. One support stop is provided in Stokesville at mile 25. This is the same stop as the other routes. The course will split 1 mile later as the two longer routes take a left on FR 85 and head farther into the Forest. The 52 mile route takes a right on Tillman Road / FR 101 and proceeds for about 15 miles until it rejoins the tail end of the longer routes where they head back to Harrisonburg.

Directions to Event/Westover Park
From I-81 South
Take Exit 247B  
You will then merge onto US-33 Market Street
ollow US-33 for 2.2 miles
In 2.2 miles you will see Westover Park on your left and signs for event

    Google Map Event Location and Directions


    Do you feel like you don’t want to ride in this event BUT want to help out? Well what better way to be apart and watch the event then being a volunteer! We are going to have 3 different rider support stations that will need some man or women power to give the riders an experience they won't want to forget.

    We will also be looking for marshals that will be stationed at different points along the Roubaix route. Giving out directions for the riders and oncoming vehicles.

    Some other key volunteer positions that need to be filled are: Start and Finish, Registration, and Sag Wagon.

    To sign up or for more information on volunteer opportunities please contact us via email at

    Event Schedule

    Start Location: Harrisonburg City Westover Park

    Date: Sunday April 17th 2016

    Roubaix Start Time: 9:00 AM

    Event Day Registartion: 8:00 AM

    **No Refunds will be issued for this event**