Most weekly rides will be starting back up March 2019.
Check out for more details!



Massanutten Social/Intermediate Ride:

5:30pm meet at Western Slope parking lot

1.5-2 hour ride


Morning Road Ride:

8am leaving from Bluestone Bike and Run

Moderately paced, all levels welcome, no drop ride

1.5-2 hour ride

Women's Social Road Ride:

5:30pm leaving from Westover Park by the Skate Park

Slow/moderate paced group ride, no drop ride

1-1.5 hour ride

Tuesday Night Fast Ride:

5:30pm leaving from Shenandoah Bicycle Company

This is a “drop” road ride, but you will often find the group waiting up for some folks as the terrain and flow of the ride permits.
However, there is no guarantee that the group will wait for you if you fall off the back.
Average speed is close to 20mph depending on the hills.

2-2.5 hour ride


Rocktown Women's Steady Road Ride

Ride start time: 5:30pm.

Location: Rocktown Bicycles

Length - 1.5 to 2.5 hours (maybe longer depending on light)

Distance - 25 to 40 miles (again depending on light available)

Recommended to Bring: A working taillight and flat repair kit

Ride Pace - Steady; quicker than a social ride, we will be sitting somewhere in the 14-16mph range. This is not a "crush everyone" ride. I want to emphasize that. We are not out here to intimidate or "race". This ride is meant to bring women together to have fun, and encourage and challenge each other in a friendly environment.

Social Road Ride:

5:15pm meet at HHS on 1001 Garbers Church Road 

12-14mph, no headphones, social pace 10-13mph, no drop ride

+/- 2 hour ride


Thursday Steady Road Ride, 5:30pm

Description:  This is a group ride of about 30 miles with an average speed of 16-18mph. This is not a no-drop ride, so it is helpful to know your way back if you fall off the pace. There are multiple routes, and riders should be prepared to ride on dirt roads.

Length: +/-2 hour ride. 30-40 miles

Location: Meet at Rocktown Bicycles.

Ride Contact Information: Chris Michaels, 540.689.0070 or Kelly Paduch
( or (


Friday Fatty:

3pm leaving from Shenandoah Bicycle Company (Postponed until Spring 2019)

Technical mountain bike ride geared toward riders looking to develop technical skills and increase their mileage.

3-5 hour ride