Bring in your old bike, leave with a new bike!


Here at Rocktown, we're excited to get you out on the roads and trails with the best gear for you! We also realize kids grow, and riders trade up or end up with extra bikes (yes, that is a thing) and gear they don't use anymore. We can evaluate your bike or gear, and give you cash or store credit.

Store Credit: You will receive 50% of the assessed value
Cash/Check:  You will receive 40% of the assessed value


Step 1

Bring your bike and/or gear over to the shop. Evaluations are free!

  • Qualifications for Trade-In: Bike and gear must be of bike shop quality (i.e., Specialized, Trek, Giant, Cannondale, etc.). We will not accept department store bicycles (bikes from places like Target, Walmart, Dick's, etc.).


Step 2

Bike/Gear Evaluation.

We will look everything over to see what the condition of the bike/gear is. Parts that need to be replaced or worked on will be taken into consideration when deciding on an estimated sale value. We use Bicycle Blue Book as a guide for estimations. If you would like to get a start on seeing what your bike may be worth, click on the Widget below!


Step 3

Get your shop credit or cash/check!

Department store bicycles are not accepted for Trade-Ins. Curious as to why? Click the link below to find out!