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Tour de Pocahontas

Registration Page:

Tour de Pocahontas 2018

This is designed as a stage race (and we hope you register for the weekend for the best deal and experience), although you can enter an individual races.  The stage race registration will include all races, camping (first come first served in rustic cabins) and a dinner option for Saturday night.

Race Venue: The setting is Camp Algonquin in the heart of the Lake View mountain bike trails in beautiful Pocahontas State Park (aprox 8,000 acres).

Day 1: 
Tour de Pocahontas will offer a race that will touch on all the trail locations within the park.  The 2018 is removing large protiontions of fire road and a few other minor changes on the mountain bike trails.

2018 General course description: We will start on the fireroads from Algonquin Eco Camp to the Morgan Trails (about 4 miles allowing the field to thin out). You will ride one of the Morgan trail loops then head across swift creek to climb Blueberry Hill.  You will the ride the fire road loop including Findley A and B (This will be the opposite direction of Monster Cross).  Once you return to Swift Creek Trails head junctures you will ride the entire Bell Built Loop and then decend Blueberry.  This will take you back to the bridge at Swift Creek.  From there you will ride behind pool, cross the beaver creek bridge on your way to the Lakeview 1 connector.  From there you will ride Lakeview 1>2>3>2>1 where you will exit at the Algonquin Camp where you will finishabout 200m down the camp "driveway". 

We reserve the right to make changes to this course as we see fit prior to the event.

Day 2: 
Day 2 Race 1:
TdP-Time Trial will be a about 1/2 of Lake View I loop plus the Algonquin camp road where the Start Finish will be located.  This distance totals about 2 1/2 miles.  Each racer will be assigned their own start time and you race against the clock!  This was one of the more exciting events in 2017!

Day 2 Race 2:
TdP-Lake View XC Race will inclued part of Lakeview 1, and all of Lakeview 2 and 3.  The number laps will be decided on the division entered... 1, 2 or 3 laps of the Lakeview Mountain bike trails (see registration for number of laps).  This will be all single track except for the transition through Algonquin start/finish.

More race weekend information:

·         Saturday race number pickup will begin at 7am at Algonquin.  Building is TBD as the dining hall is being used for a park meeting Saturday morning.

·         To assist any out of town racers (or anyone racing) we will offer camping Friday night as well as Saturday night at no fee.  Located at Algonquin within Pocahontas (this Is not their "normal" camping area available to the public).  If you arrive Friday, you will be able to check in the evening.  Time and place is TBD.
                +There will be rustic cabins (twin bunkbeds) that will sleep 4-8 each. 
                +You are also welcome to tent camp at Algonquin as well.
                + If you plan to camp at the race venue, please email me the names in your party and nights                         you’ll be staying

·         There are several local restaurants and a Food Lion if you’d like to head out for meals.