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Women's Steady Road Ride - Solstice Edition!


Ride start time: 5:30pm

Location: Rocktown Bicycles

Length: The ride will be a longer one this week because we will have a TON of daylight to work with (please bring lights still). Plan on 3-ish hours, and come prepared with food or being able to purchase food during the ride.

Distance: 40 - 50 miles

Required to Bring:  A working taillight, headlight, and flat repair kit

Ride pace: Steady; quicker than a social ride, we will be sitting somewhere in the 14-16mph range. This is not a "crush everyone" ride. I want to emphasize that. We are not out here to intimidate or "race". This ride is meant to bring women together to have fun, and encourage and challenge each other in a friendly environment.

Some notes on group riding:

  • We don't cross over the yellow line

  • On busier roads, we will ride single file, the widest we will ride is 2 riders next to each other, still riding more on the right side of the lane

  • If a car is coming up from behind the group, please call out "car back" for the group, we will go single file if necessary

  • On rural roads, we don't ride across the whole road

  • On rural roads, please call out "car up" if a car is coming the opposite direction

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