Adding gravel and dirt roads to your riding will open your cycling to a whole new world! Becoming comfortable with dynamic terrain breaks down any walls to new and glorious areas that pavement-only riding may have been preventing you from experiencing.

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Typical Morning Ride

23.5 Miles / 1,758ft Elevation
Low traffic, nice roads = one of our go to Routes

2018 Harris-Roubaix

32.1 Miles / 2,817ft Elevation
Lots of fun gravel!

Tide Spring

33.9 Miles / 2,801ft Elevation
Tide Spring is a beautiful, secluded gravel road (one of our favorites)

Some of our favorite roads

37.3 Miles / 3,2082ft Elevation


Ryan’s Loop - Brown’s Gap Goats!

43.2 Miles / 2,948’ Elevation

Good Couple of Hours

54.7 Miles / 3,706’ Elevation

Augusta Triangle - Gravel Edition

56.3 Miles / 3,353ft Elevation

Afton Mountain & Wintergreen

64.9 Miles / 7817’ Elevation


TDB “Short” Road Day

77.3 miles 6,224ft elevation
A huge pavement climb, and a ripping gravel descent highlight this route.

Orkney Springs - gravel edition

74.3 Miles/5,924ft Elevation
Supinlick Ridge Road will not disappoint!

East Side of Massanutten

85.8 Miles / 8,257’ Elevation