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Also, not shown in our routes, but definitely should be checked out - Massanutten Western Slope! These trails are a 15-20minute drive away from Harrisonburg, and feature some of our best riding! Visit the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition’s website to learn more, purchase a pass (these trails are on private property), and have a lot of fun!

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Lookout Mountain

13.0 miles
2,102ft elevation

Narrowback & Down Tilghman West

1,739ft elevation

These trails are a bit less technical than some of the other trails in the National Forest.

Not recommended if it's been raining a good bit.

Mud Pond + an Extra Loop on Blueberry

2,692ft elevation

Gravel climb that turns onto singletrack

Go all the way to Oak knob for the big descent, turns into doubletrack at the Mud Pond - lots of fun!

Up Reddish, Down Timber/Wolf

18.3 miles
3,236ft elevation

Pavement climb, awesome singletrack descent

Park at Wolf parking lot on Tilghman Rd

Camp Todd, Chestnut, Hankey, Lookout

Park at The Wild Oak Parking lot near Lookout Mountain

Camp Todd is a heck of a climb, but good!

28.1 miles
5,298ft elevation

Endish of SM100.PNG

End-ish of SM100 - Dark side of Reddish/Chestnut

This route does not include continuing on to the 2nd time up Hankey Mtn or down Shaffer Hollow to the Campground.

27.1 miles
4,089ft elevation

Beginning of SM100.PNG

Beginning of SM100 - Narrowback/Lynn/Wolf

29.9 miles
3,673ft elevation

Middle of SM100.PNG

Middle of SM100 - Hankey/Dowells/Bridge/Braleys

40 miles
5,324ft elevation