Full Suspension E bikes!

Turbo Levo

The Specialized E-Mountain Bikes give you the power to ride more trails. And with silent, pedal-assisted power to the pedals and proprietary technologies that would make a Silicon Valley engineer blush, we're taking your trail rides to new heights…and more thrilling descents.

2019 turbo levo blk.PNG

Turbo Levo



Turbo Levo Comp


Explore more trails, have more fun!

Explore more trails, have more fun!

Turbo Levo Expert


2019 Turbo Levo comp carb.PNG

Turbo Levo Comp Carbon


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Turbo Levo Sworks


Turbo Kenvo

Fly downhill, don't even break a sweat going back up!

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Kenevo Comp: $5,750.00

Kenevo Expert FSR: $7,550.00