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Turbo Levo

Same proven Trail Geometry with the new Specialized 1.3 motor, check out all the newness of the Turbo Levo FSR.

Turbo Levo Expert.JPG

Turbo Levo Expert


 Explore more trails, have more fun!

Explore more trails, have more fun!

Turbo Levo Comp Carbon


Turbo Levo.JPG

Turbo Levo


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Turbo Levo Sworks


Turbo Kenvo

Fly downhill, don't even break a sweat going back up!

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Kelly has first hand experience riding this bike! "It's so ridiculously fun, I can't believe it. I definitely smiled the entire time I was riding the Kenevo."

Kenevo Green.JPG

Kenevo Expert FSR: $7,000.00

The Turbo Kenevo is offered in one Expert model with 4 different sizes and 2 colors.

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