Turbo Como - The Town Cruiser E Bike

The Turbo Como has one goal and one goal only—to inspire you to get out, get moving, and to have some fun along the way. It achieves this with its Turbo technology that makes the ride faster, so you're guaranteed to have a wide smile on your face.


Turbo Como 2.0 Low Entry



Turbo Como 2.0



Turbo Como 3.0 Low Entry


Turbo Vado 3.0.PNG

Turbo Como 3.0


If you have ever ridden the Specialized ROLL, then the Como should look a bit familiar to you! Modeled after the ROLL, the Turbo Como shares similar geometry, the same plush tires, and comfortable (but yet zippy) ride that so many of us have come to love in the ROLL. BUT, this bike comes with a motor!

So that smile you get on your face from riding along on the ROLL is about to get a lot bigger!