2018 Specialized Chisel

With the DSW M5 Alloy Frame, the Chisel is an aluminum mountain bike in a class of its own. 

Traditional welding methods create frame joints by connecting tubes to cylinders, leaving the performance & security of the connection up to the skill of the welder. DSW, however, takes the joint and gives it back to the engineers. This means Specialized is able to move the joint away from the area of the highest stress, making the finished frame's balance of strength, rigidity, and weight more pronounced than any alloy frame in history.

There are 2 levels of the Chisel Mountain Bike - Comp & Expert, in both Men's and Women's versions. The geometry is the same between both genders, what changes are the touch points. So, handlebars and saddle are the 2 main pieces that are different, as well as color options. What is placed stock on these bikes is based of of years of fit research done by Specialized with Retul and Univeristy of Colorado Boulder. If you happen to like one color over the other, what is nice is the geometry and gear are the same, touch points can be changed!




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