Ryan's All-City Nature Boy 853

Ryan recently purchased an All-City Nature Boy 853 frame and built it up with sick parts.

All-City Cycles is an awesome company, and if you've never heard of them, check them out:

The Nature Boy 853 frame is a single-speed setup. You may remember me (Kelly) stating in a recent blog that I think single-speeding is sad (I like gears) - this may just be the bike that changes that (???).

Made with Reynolds 853 steel and paired with a Whiskey carbon thru-axle fork, this bike is light and stiff. Add in the All-City Signature singlespeed disc dropouts with disc brake mounts, and you're ready to build a party bike (All-City's most recent advertisement makes it known that they are the #partybrand).

Ryan's Nature Boy build includes:

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