Turbo Vado

A global demand of a Specialized E-bike began about 10 years ago. Specialized was hesitant to join the E-bike world at first because, if they were going to create this style of bicycle, they wanted to do it right; it had to be an E-bike for cyclists.

In the whole line up of Specialized bicycles, their E-bike is the one that has been scrutinized more than any other bike. It had to be a bike, first and foremost, and provide an absolutely amazing ride experience.

The Turbo S was their first version. And while it was fast and a lot of fun, they realized it was a tank of a bicycle, and could do with some great improvements. Thus, the Turbo Family was born.

Turbo is  now the name for all of Specialized E-bikes, and within this exist their Levo (MTB), and Vado (road).

In the re-design of the Turbo, Specialized came up with this philosophy:

  1. Handling - All of the Turbos need to handle like a bicycle, and ride amazingly well. It should not feel like you're riding an E-bike, more like you're riding a bike with a constant tailwind pushing you forward 
  2. Integration - the technology of the Turbos needs to be integrated seamlessly. The motor, battery, and display need to be integrated beautifully into the bike (it needs to look like a complete bicycle, not a bike with motor attached)
  3. Range - Go as far as possible! The Turbo uses the highest technology available to make this bike go as far as possible for its riders!
  • The Vado is able to be personally adjusted to the distance of desired ride and how much assisted power output the rider wants.

When comparing the Turbo Vado to its predecessor, the Turbo S, it is clear that this is now where the top tier of E-bikes exist. The Vado offers a very stable and comfortable ride; it is lighter than the Turbo S, even the versions with a suspension fork; and it has been paired with a very smooth running motor. It's quiet. You don't feel vibration; all adding to the amazing experience had when riding this bike. 

Also different from the Turbo S, is the placement of the battery. Where in the Turbo S, the motor/battery pack sat on the hub in the rear wheel (making it SUPER heavy and difficult to change flats), on the Vado the battery is integrated into the bicycle frame. It is lighter, and easy to remove to charge (and pulling the wheels off of it is like any other bicycle).

The Vado battery has 40 cells and is Future Built, meaning there is space within it for future cells, so should an upgrade occur, it can easily be done. An Albus Lock with a Code Key Card keeps the battery safe and secure in the bike. The battery has very high water protection, so should you find yourself riding or transporting the bike in the rain, there is no worry about water causing battery damage.

We have already seen this bike do amazing things for cyclists! It's a wonderful commuter, and you don't show up to work or class all sweaty. It lets everyone ride together that might otherwise be left behind or left out of a ride. It has made cyclists out of individuals that maybe wouldn't have even started riding had this bike not existed. It has added to our cycling community, and that is awesome.

The Turbo Vado will put a smile on anyone's face that rides it. Guaranteed. It's you riding, only faster. :)


Want to know more about the Vado? Come check out the one here in the shop! You can also learn more by visiting Specialized.com!

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