Specialized Women's Ride Day

May 31st was the annual Specialized Women's Ride Day. It's a day to celebrate women who love to ride bikes! So we put on a bike ride with a great group of women from Harrisonburg.

We left the shop a little after 10am and rode 30miles into downtown Staunton for lunch at the Byers Street Bistro. It was pretty yummy!

On our way back to Harrisonburg, I took the group to one of my favorite spots - a spring tucked away off on a gravel road, right in the middle of the valley! Chris was kind enough to be our SAG guy for the day, and met us at the spring with nice cold water bottles and Coke.

The total ride mileage was just shy of 60miles, with beautiful summer weather then entire time.

Everyone had a blast! These ladies rocked at riding their bikes! It's so awesome to see how much growth is occurring in women's cycling.

Kelly PaduchComment