First ride in H-burg! 2017 Roubaix Expert UDi2

Rider and reviewer: Wes

For frame of reference, I've ridden, trained, and raced two different Specialized Tarmacs over a period of 4 years (I was on a Scott Addict and a Trek Madone prior to that). I've also been on a Specialized Diverge Comp over the last year (ridden concurrently with my Tarmac).

Photo by: Wes

Initial Impressions:
When the pavement is perfect, the new Roubaix rides just like a Tarmac. The rougher the roads become, the more the Roubaix shows its powers. You'll see a rough section coming and prepare yourself as you would on a regular road bike, but then you hit that section and it's smooth as butter.
The Future Shock works. No, you will not notice bobbing unless you are intentionally playing with it. You'll only notice it doing its job.
The new Roubaix is lighter and stiffer with better power transfer and responsiveness than the previous Roubaix models. In the men's model, the head tube matches that of the Tarmac. The ride is perfect. The longer you ride, the more it shines. It is a Rider First frame, just like the Tarmac.
As compared to riding the Tarmac, in terms of smoothness, suspension, and control: 25c tires feel like 28s, 28c tires feel like 32s, and 32c tires feel like... I don't know because I haven't tried them, yet. There's (officially) room for 32c tires and maybe a bit more in actuality. So you get the perks of the next size tire up without whatever penalty in rotational weight there may be.
There is no equal to this bike in the offerings from the other major manufacturers. Specialized nailed this rig. It's like the Tarmac and the Diverge had a baby, so I've sold the Diverge, and I'm selling the Tarmac... And I'll be left with one bike to rule them all.

Photos by: Kelly

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