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Trashmore Cross 2015

On-Line Registration until Friday October 2 at 12:00pm or day of registration up until 30 minutes prior to your race. 

All races are part of the Virginia CX (VACX) points series. Prices for entry are based on Individual races.
*Series Winners must pre-register and email me with your Category.
If you expect a call up you need to pre-register

NO mail-ins and NO refunds. Race day registration will be $30 except for Jr’s, Cat 4 Women and extra races.  First race is full price and any additonal that you sign up for are just $10.00.
Field limit is for total number of racers on the course at one time, not by age group or category,(except juniors). i.e. all racers in the 11:00-11:02 start times will have the total field limit of 60. 

Event day registration opens at 8:30 am or when we're ready.

Event held under USAC permit, 2015-1962. USAC rules apply. All Riders must have a USAC license. USAC one-day license can be purchased at the event. The Race Director and Race Officials reserve the right to cancel and/or modify segments of the event as deemed necessary for safety. There is no rain date for this event. Severe weather may cancel race.     

For Virginia Cyclocross Series Rules and series standings:

For questions contact Eric Crandell or call (757) 754-4413

Directions?  Just Google Mount Trashmore Park, Virginia Beach, VA.

Venue and Course Info

The lovely (and very family friendly) Mount Trashmore Park in Virginia Beach, VA.  Playgrounds, a skate park, and oh yeah - a big ol' cyclocross race.  After the race, hop on down I-264 and jump in the Atlantic Ocean.  You're here, so why not?

BACK FOR 2015 - the big uphill start!  Also, because it's Rogue Velo Racing, expect ramps, mini-fly over, and probably a random log or two.  You never know.

THE BIGGEST KID'S RACE IN ALL OF THE LAND....and in VIRGINIA BEACH TOO!  Spread the word - all kids under 9 are welcome.  A couple of modifed laps, barriers, and maybe even a mini ramp or two.

NEW FOR 2015 - THE BEACH CRUISER RACE! - LAST EVENT OF THE DAY.  You are in Virginia Beach, brah.  Registration is FREE, but you must have already raced in one of the "official" races to participate.  Horrific colors, baskets, streamers, and bells are highly encouraged.  One full lap, winner take all (of something to be detemined at a later date).